Deer Management Plan

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Listed below are the various documents, maps and appendicies associated with the Knoydart Deer Management Plan. Population models have yet to be agreed with the neighbouring West Knoydart group. Details of this will be published below when these are agreed.

If you have any comments on the Plan, or wish to become involved in deer management more generally in the area, please contact us through


Main Documents

KDMG Background Information & Policies

Working Plan

The deer population models which are part of the Working Plan document are still being finalized.



Knoydart Location Map

West Knoydart Location Map

Knoydart Members Map

West Knoydart Main Members Map

Knoydart Reporting Units Map

Knoydart Management Objectives Map

Knoydart Sheep & Parish Boundaries map

KDMG Community Councils Map

Knoydart Designated sites Map

Knoydart Landscape Map

Knoydart Woodland Creation Map

West Knoydart Woodland Creation Map

Knoydart Herbivore Impacts Map

West Knoydart Herbivore Impacts Map

Knoydart 2014 Deer Density Map

Knoydart Deer- Vehicle collisions Map

Knoydart Sub populations map

Knoydart Habitat Monitoring Map



Appendix 1 KDMG Constitution

Appendix 2  KDMG Contacts List

This Appendix is confidential to Group members only. Contact to the Group is encouraged via Secretary or Chair, through which individual contact details can be obtained if appropriate.

Appendix 3 Knoydart Designated Sites

Appendix 4 Knoydart Deer Cull Information

Appendix 5  Knoydart 2015-16 Recommended cull by property

This appendix is confidential to Group members only. Collated Culls on a sub- area basis are listed in Appendix 7, below.

Appendix 6 Monitoring of Designated features

Appendix 7  Knoydart Deer Population model

This document is still being finalized and will be available shortly.

Appendix 8 KDMG Broad Habitat Data