DMG Business


Barisdale bay

Knoydart DMG meet twice a year in autumn and spring to discuss Group business. Meetings are open to the public, and agendas for those meetings will be available on this website three weeks in advance.

Sometimes, additional meetings may be organized to discuss a particular issue of management if it is regarded as being particularly important to do so.

The next scheduled meeting of the Group will be on 18th June 2019 at the Alexandra Hotel, Fort William at 10.30am. Please let the Secretary know if you would like to attend or if you would like to raise an issue for the Agenda.


Minutes from some previous meetings of the Group can be located here below:


November 2015- Agenda

June 2015- Minutes

November 2014- Minutes

2017 June Minutes

2017 November Minutes

2018 June Minutes

2018 Draft November Minutes

Communications Policy

The Knoydart DMG is committed to the transparent communication of all relevant information to its members, to government agencies and to the public more widely, with the caveat that some sensitive data will be distributed to group members only. The primary source of information about the Group will be on their own dedicated website, on which all information relevant to the group can be located. This will include the deer management plan and associated maps and minutes of group meetings.


The link for this website is: It can also be accessed through the Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG) website. All enquiries to the Group should be made through the Group Secretary via email. Contact details are:


Group Secretary: Linzi Seivwright

Group Chairman: Simon Laird


Any queries about the running of the DMG can be addressed to Scottish Natural Heritage

SNH Contact: Andrew MacMaster,

The contact details for individual properties will not be available as a matter of course through the Deer Group or website, although the Secretary can put you in touch with the relevant people if appropriate to do so. No cull information on individual properties will be made available outwith the membership of the Group. Every effort will be made to deal with non- emergency issues within 10 days. More pressing issues will be dealt with promptly if appropriate.

For more long established or strategic issues, it may be appropriate for the issue to be brought up at a deer management group meeting, which take place at six monthly intervals. The Chairman may recommend this to you. The spring meeting will be an open meeting to which anyone is entitled to attend. Items for inclusion on the Agenda for such meetings must be submitted to the Group Chairman three weeks in advance of the meeting, otherwise they can be taken up under “Any Other Competent Business”. Any item that is not deemed appropriate for discussion on the Agenda will be addressed in some other, appropriate fashion. Please respect the judgement of the Chairman if his view is that, in the first instance, an issue should be dealt with outside a formal group meeting. This may be because of time pressures, or the nature of the issue at hand.

All local Community Councils and other relevant interests (Scottish Natural Heritage, Forest and Land Scotland, Police Scotland if required) will be made aware of meetings in advance, and invited to contribute to the agenda for these. Local input on the continuing evolution of the group Deer Management Plan is welcomed and encouraged. 

Knoydart DMG will seek to respond to any requests from media sources or the local public for information, and individual members may arrange, from time to time, appropriate open days and information events if these are requested or deemed to be useful. Knoydart DMG welcomes comment on all matters either directly or indirectly associated with deer management within the Knoydart area.